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Shahnaz Gill earns a lot from social media, charges so much for one post

Shenaaz Gill Income: Shehnaaz Gill has become a big name in the TV industry. After TV, Shahnaz is now ready to establish her coin in the Bollywood industry as well. Shehnaaz Gill has worked hard for the position she is at today. Shahnaz’s brand value has increased even more since Salman Khan’s entry in the show Bigg Boss. Shahnaz had done a lot of work even before the entry in Bigg Boss. Before the entry in Bigg Boss, a Punjabi song by Shahnaz Gill became quite a hit, in which Sana was seen dancing.

However, no one even recognized Shahnaz then. On the other hand, if seen today, the name of Shehnaaz Gill is on the child’s tongue. Not only this, but Shehnaaz Gill is also on social media.

Do you know that Shahnaz also earns a lot of money from social media. In fact, because of the brand value that Shahnaz has become, she signs many endorsements. Many types of brands are associated with Shahnaz Gill from Mama Earth. If you look at Shahnaz Gill’s Instagram post, then the third-fourth is definitely of some product.

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Shehnaz Gill’s net worth is in crores

In such a situation, when Shehnaaz Gill advertises these products, she also charges a lot of money for them. According to a media report, the net worth of Shahnaz Gill is Rs 3 crore. Not only through social media posts, Shehnaaz also charges huge amount by promoting events. If you look at the media report, Shahnaz Gill charges around Rs 8 lakh for an Instagram post. Shehnaaz Gill is now ready for her Bollywood debut too, she is going to be seen in Salman Khan’s film ‘Kisi Ka Bhai, Kisi Ki Jaan’.

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