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Shaleen and Tina’s love will now take a break in Bigg Boss 16! This person came between the love of both

Bigg Boss 16 Promo: Colors channel’s show ‘Bigg Boss 16’ has been slowly leaving behind all the TV serials in the TRP list ever since it started. Every day there is a ruckus in the Bigg Boss house. Between the battles and the great war in the contestants, love was flourishing between the two people, but before the love story started, a third person has hit the entry between the two and this person is none other than the most loved contestant and Tajikistani of Bigg Boss house. The singer is Abdu Rozik.

Tina Dutta is seen flirting on Abdu from the initial episode of Bigg Boss. She has expressed her feelings to Abdu many times in the Bigg Boss house and has also asked him for a candle light dinner. Now Abdu has also started flirting with her. Colors channel has shared its promo.

Third person came between Shaleen-Tina

It can be seen in the video that Abdu is seen flirting with Tina. He is seen caressing Tina’s hair and calling her ‘Beautiful’. Seeing this, Shaleen gets jealous and says, “What is happening?” Tina says in reply, “Pyaar hai hai.” Shaleen then jokingly says that, if Abdu continues to fix Tina’s hair, her hands will start to ache. Then Abdu also jokingly says, “Be careful bro. Then your fist will also ache.” In the end, Tina says ‘I love you’ to Abdu and Abdu also tells her in response, “I love you more.” Hearing this, where both of them start smiling, the gracious water-roasted to ashes. Abdu does this only to tease Shaleen. Now his complete jugalbandi will be seen in the next episode.

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