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Shaleen Bhanot used to beat his wife mercilessly, Daljit Kaur made such allegations against the actor

Shalin Bhanot Domestic Violence Case : TV actor Shaleen Bhanot is currently seen in the reality show Big Boss Season 16. Shaleen’s closeness with actress Tina Dutta is increasing in the house. However, the audience finds the love story of both to be fake as Shaleen has previously played the love-friendship game with Sumbul Taukeer as well. Apart from the love angle, there is a lot of discussion about his anger in the decent show. Shaleen’s ex-wife even gave evidence of his short temper.

Shaleen is of aggressive nature
Shaleen is divorced, his ex-wife is TV actress Dalljiet Kaur. Shaleen and Daljeet’s married life had been in a lot of controversies, Daljeet had made serious allegations of domestic violence on Shaleen, in her complaint Daljeet had described Shaleen as a person with aggressive nature.

Wife did a case of domestic violence
Shaleen Bhanot and Daljit Kaur and Shaleen Bhanot got married in the year 2009, but soon quarrels started between the two. After living together for almost five years, in the year 2015, Diljit decided to separate from Shaleen. Then the actress made many shocking revelations in front of the media and filed a case of dowry harassment and assault against Shaleen.

Shalin used to beat his wife mercilessly
In his complaint, Daljit made allegations of assault on Shaleen, referring to an incident, Daljit had told that, once Shaleen grabbed his throat and hit him in the wall, then his (Daljit) father was also there and father In front of him, Shaleen misbehaved with Daljit. Not only this, Shaleen once threw Daljit on the furniture and locked him in the room for 40 minutes. The servant of the house had taken out Daljit.” Daljit Kaur had also accused Shaleen of having an extra-marital affair apart from marriage.

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