Shaleen Bhanot’s old video goes viral, the style is the same… sometimes laughing and sometimes crying

Some things can never change and this old video of Shaleen Bhanot is proof of that. Shaleen Bhanot, who was seen in ‘Bigg Boss 16’, was then a part of the adventure based reality show ‘Roadies’. An old video of Shaleen Bhanot from the audition of ‘Roadies’ is going viral.

Shaleen Bhanot looking very young in old video

Shalin Bhanot is looking quite young in this video. In this video, Shaleen Bhanot is seen giving many different expressions while auditioning for ‘Roadies’. In the video, he is seen saying – I am a trend actor. With this, he makes the appearance of crying and then immediately laughs and then starts crying.

If you show anger in this audition, you are sometimes seen crying.
When he was asked to show anger in this audition, he says – what, why to show anger. Shall I show the waste like this? Along with this old video, there is also some glimpse of Shaleen’s ‘Bigg Boss 16’.

Opinion on Shiv Thakare: Shiv Thakare removed the ‘fat’ of Shaleen Bhanot, did the entire washing without soap and shampoo!
‘Times have changed but Shaleen’s feelings are still the same’
The caption of the channel from which this video has been shared reads, ‘Times have changed but Shaleen’s feelings are still the same. #roadiesseason2 #biggboss16 #shalinbanot #thennow”

Ayushman Khurana became the winner
Let us inform that Shaleen has been a part of season 2 of ‘Roadies’ in 2004, in which Ayushmann Khurrana won. Currently, in ‘Bigg Boss 16’, Shaleen Bhanot is in a lot of discussion about her medical region, protein diet, chicken, and her equation with Tina and Sumbul.

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