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Shaleen lost friendship and love in nomination task, broke up with Tina-Sumbul

Bigg Boss 16 Update: In the reality show ‘Bigg Boss’, it does not take much time for relationships to get worse. The same is being seen in its 16th season as well. Once Shaleen Bhanot had a good friendship with Sumbul Tauqeer Khan and his love with Tina Dutta was also beginning, but now the actor’s bond with both of them is broken. The recent episode has been a tough one for Shaleen, Tina and Sumbul. Sumbul refuses to deliver Tina’s ration and then ‘Tamarind’ fights with Shaleen.

Shaleen-Sumbul’s broken friendship

In the recent episode, the nomination task took place and Shaleen Bhanot saved Tina Dutta and Sumbul Tauqir Khan got nominated. After this there was a fight between Sumbul and Shaleen and their friendship ended forever. Later, when Shaleen gave roses to save Soundarya Sharma from nomination, Tina Dutta also got into a fight with him.

Shaileen’s fight with Tina

Tina said that Gautam Vij and Soundarya Sharma, with whom they had a fight, were the ones to save them. Tina said that, you first asked MC Stan for flowers for Gautam. Shaleen said that he was favoring the return. Later Shaleen says that Soundarya and Gautam etc. are good friends with him. Both Nimrit and Tina get angry due to this. Tina says, “So you want to say, there is a better Soundarya than me, who has blown you away. Who judged your character.

Tina told Shaleen it is fake

Tina asks him if this is what he meant to say, then Shaleen agrees. Tina gets furious and calls Shaleen ‘fallen’ and ‘fake’. Shaleen tells him that whenever he has a problem with Tina, he always takes her alone and talks, does not make a spectacle like her. Tina says that she should not talk to him like this and show his acting at his house.

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