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Shekhar Suman slams the contestants, know the full update of 44 days of Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss 16 Day 44 Written Update: Every passing day of Bigg Boss house is becoming very interesting. There was a lot of drama in the house even on the 44th day. There is a return of Archana in the house, after which some of the family members become happy and the faces of some hang. Shekhar Suman also makes a lot of fun in the house and also tries to convince the family members with his words and poetry. Let us know what else happened on the 44th day.

Archana’s re-entry into the house
The episode of 13 November starts from the evening of the 43rd day. There is a lot of debate between Sajid and Priyanka regarding Archana. Priyanka says that if Archana has broken the rules, then Shiv has also broken the rules by talking outside, so he should also be out of the house. On the other hand, Sajid says that Archana had received warnings 5 ​​times while Shiv had received warnings only once. There is a lot of debate between the two regarding this matter. Meanwhile, Archana enters the house. Soundarya and Priyanka start jumping with joy. After this, Archana hugs all the family members. Archana promises Sajid that she will no longer fight in the house. At the same time, Archana also apologizes to Shiv and says that she will never do this again and she was shocked when she went out of the house. Sajid feels that Archana will again cross her limits in a few days, and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia says wait and watch.

Archana says she has not changed
The morning of the 44th day starts with the Big Boss anthem. Nimrit tells Archana that she was against her coming because if you raised your hand today, someone else will raise your hand tomorrow. On the other hand, Archana says that she will control this deficiency. After this Archana goes to Soundarya, Priyanka and Gautam and says that these people think that I have changed. But this is their misunderstanding.

Bigg Boss banned cigarettes
Taking the names of Tina, Sumbul, Shaleen and Stan, Bigg Boss tells them to enjoy their last cigarette because now cigarettes will not be sent to the house. Actually, all four were smoking cigarettes together in the bathroom. After this there is a lot of fight between Gautam and Shaleen. Shaleen teases Gautam for shaving, while Gautam teases Shaleen by calling her a chicken. At the same time, Sajid comes and says that when Archana enters the house, Bigg Boss will also send cigarettes to the house.

Shekhar Suman’s Big Bulletin Children’s Special
Shekhar Suman enters the house with the Big Bulletin. This time Shekhar Suman is seen pulling the family members for the children special. Sajid says that Abdu is the monitor in Bigg Boss house who erases the student’s name from the board before the teacher arrives. Sajid is the backbencher who wreaks havoc in the class. Ankit is the kid whose teacher once asked him to be ‘pin drop’ so he is still silent. On the other hand, Soundarya and Gautam are such students who live in the toilet. Shekhar Suman tells Sumbul that she is such a student that even if she scores 99 out of 100, she will keep crying. There is tension in the affair of Sumbul Future and Past. Shekhar Suman also shows everyone his childhood pictures and also asks them to guess.

Shekhar Suman feeds the game to the family members
After this, Shekhar Suman plays another game with the family members. Shekhar Suman gives a tag which the contestant has to give to the family members. Sheikh Suman says who is the tail in the house. On this, Ankit says that MC Stan did not support Gori Nagori and she is Shiva’s tail. Shekhar goes to the question of Shalin and Gautam’s relationship and they both agree that they are nobody for each other. Shiv gives Priyanka the tag of ‘paapi gudiya’, on which Ankit defends Priyanka.

Nimrit burst into tears
After this, Bigg Boss calls Nimrit to the confession room. Nimrit says that I am not able to sleep at night and I am feeling very strange. After this Nimrit starts crying. She says that she is feeling claustrophobic in the house. On this, Bigg Boss asks Nimrit that are you happy with the way you are presenting yourself in the house. So Nimrit says I am like this, sometimes there is confusion whether we are right or not. Bigg Boss says that Nimrit should present herself as she is. Bigg Boss says that if you see anyone upset, you go and explain to him, but is there any person in your house with whom you can sit and share your heart. So Nimrit says that there is only Abdu because he does not judge me. After this, Big Boss tells Nimrit that you find such a friend in the house with whom you can share your things.

Tina, Shaleen and Sumbal argue again
After this there is a debate between Tina Sumbul and Shaleen. Tina calls Sumbul again and again. While Shaleen says leave her, her attitude is showing what she wants. Tina says that she gets tired of calling Sumbul to talk but she does not come. On the other hand, Sumbul says that I had already asked for time, I become normal on my own. Tina says keep whatever equation you have with Shaleen, but I am maintaining distance from you and Shaleen. After this Shaleen tells Sumbul that he leaves Tina and comes to her every time but she does not understand at all. After this Sumbul apologizes. While Priyanka says that Shaleen does not understand what is going on between these three, while Gautam says that this is what he wants to take both of them together. With this, the episode of the 44th day of Bigg Boss ends. Tomorrow a new captain will be elected in the house. Tina and Sajid want him to become the captain. On the other hand, Tina will later rebel in the desire of captaincy.

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