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Shiv Thackeray clashed with Shaleen Bhanot in the task of Bigg Boss 16, threw water on his face as a paltu!

Bigg Boss 16: The TV show Bigg Boss 16 is increasing the entertainment and competition of the show. In the new episode, contestants Shiv Thakare and Shalin Bhanot have a fight with the former calling the letter “unexpected”. Shaleen asked Shiva if he had any personal problems with him with which he disagreed. However, the matter got worse when both started threatening each other.

Karan Johar presented an interesting segment where the contestants had to pour water on the contestants who they feel need a clear mind. Most of the contestants threw water on Priyanka Chaudhary, some even considered giving it to Shaleen.

Why did Shiva fight with Shaleen?

Shiv Thackeray pours water on Shaleen Bhanot, citing the reason that he thinks he is unpredictable and has a personality switch. Shaleen didn’t take it and decided to face him for the same. Later he asks her what he meant by her statement. Shiva told her that he does not understand her personality and thinks that she has a dual nature. Shaleen replied that it is time for him to show real grace. The other contestants tried to pacify the two but failed to do so.

Why was Priyanka called Mother Teresa?

Priyanka got the most votes in Karan Johar’s segment and everyone spoke to her with a clear heart. While Tina Dutta called her Mother Teresa, Gori Nagori said that she feels Priyanka tries to be everyone’s mother on the show. On the other hand, Priyanka defends herself and says that she is just playing her game and nothing else.

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