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Shweta Kwatra narrated a scary story, when people started beating the glass after seeing inside the shop, the police had to be called

If the worm of TV serials has been in you too, then you will definitely remember ‘Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki’ vamp Pallavi i.e. Shweta Kwatra. Season 2 of ‘Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki’ is once again entertaining the audience on the small screen. Shweta Kwatra shared one of her fan moments and told that seeing the crowd of fans outside, she had to lock herself inside a shop.

When Shweta Kwatra met Sakshi Tanwar after 14 years
Kahani Ghar Ghar Kii actress Shweta Kawatra told in a conversation with ETimes that those fans were constantly beating the glass gate to meet her. Shweta also recalled the favorite moments associated with the show when she met Sakshi Tanwar i.e. Parvati Bhabhi again after 14 years during the promo of ‘Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki’.

remembering every moment
Shweta Kawatra, said, ‘In that special moment when I was making my steps on the sets, I was remembering every scene and shot. Different scenes, episodes, different characters, makeup rooms, our fun moments and cuts, I was missing everything.

Sakshi i.e. Parvati meets sister-in-law
Talking about meeting Sakshi Tanwar again and shooting, Shweta Kawatra said, ‘Working with Sakshi always feels like home. When we sat together I thought we were still shooting. It didn’t seem like that much time had passed. We may have changed on the outside but we are still the same on the inside. We both have the same respect for each other. It did not seem that we were meeting each other on the sets after 14 years. It seemed that we are still shooting for the story and taking instructions from our directors.

Told, that crazy story related to the fans
He also told how the ‘story’ has changed and also shared an anecdote with a fan moment. He said, ‘It has completely changed my life. When we shot it in the first 6 months, we were completely stuck in it. We had no idea what was happening outside the show. We knew the show was doing well, but realized this when we reached Delhi. I went to Delhi for the first time 6 months after the show started. I often went to the market with my mother, who is near my house where I grew up. I was inside the showroom and a crowd gathered outside. At first I thought something had happened, but later realized that I am the reason. People were banging on the glass door to get in. I thought they would break the glass. The shopkeeper knocked down the shutter of the shop and I had to stay inside the shop till the police reached there. It was quite a shocking and surprising moment for me. I was asking myself this question that this happened where I grew up, it was a very strange moment for me.

‘I became a mother and when I had a daughter, she became my priority’
When asked why she kept herself away from the small screen, Shweta said, ‘I was not watching any project. When I became a mother and had a daughter, she became my priority. I am a passionate mother, but kept working in between. I have recently shot for a film which is going to release soon.

Shweta Kwatra has 10 year old daughter
Shweta said that she will let her 10-year-old daughter Zahra Tabeetha watch her show this time. She said, ‘I will let my daughter watch the story from house to house. I told him what kind of madness we have created, he should also see it.’


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