HomeTelevisionSiddhant has appeared in many superhit serials like 'Kumkum' and 'Shshsh...koi hai'.

Siddhant has appeared in many superhit serials like ‘Kumkum’ and ‘Shshsh…koi hai’.

Siddhaanth Vir Surryavanshi Passes Away: A shocking news has come out from the TV world. TV actor Siddhanth Vir Surryavanshi has passed away at the age of 46. According to media reports, Siddhant suffered a heart attack while working out in the gym, the actor was immediately admitted to the hospital. For 45 minutes, doctors tried to save his life but by then Siddhant Suryavanshi had said goodbye to the world.

Siddhant Suryavanshi has played the sting of his performance in the TV industry for a long time. Siddhant Suryavanshi worked in many superhit shows in his film journey, many of which have always been number one in the TRP race.

Talking about the film career of Siddhant Veer Suryavanshi, he entered the TV world with the serial ‘Kusum’. After which she is known as Mamta, Kyun Rishto Mein Katti Batti, Waris, Sufiana Pyaar Mera, Shashsh… Someone is there, from land to sky, fortune-telling, Kumkum, Fear Files, Karna Sangini, Sindoor Tere Naam Ka, What a Dil Mein Hai, Virudh Seen in different characters in all the serials like Qayamat, Yeh Ishq Hi, Grihasthi.

The stars of the TV world are seen immersed in a wave of mourning after hearing the news of the death of Siddhant Veer Suryavanshi. Sharing the picture of Siddhant, TV actor Jai Bhanushali wrote in the caption – Gone too soon friend… Siddhant Suryavanshi’s fans are very upset to hear the news of his death. His fans are constantly sharing beautiful memories related to him on social media.

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