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‘Sita’ Deepika Chikhaliya accidentally made a mistake, people ran over the photo with the tricolor

‘Ramayana’ fame Dipika Chikhlia shared a photo on Twitter on the occasion of Independence Day. In this he congratulated everyone but made a mistake, after which people made memes on him.

Dipika Chikhlia celebrated Independence Day.


  • Dipika Chikhlia celebrates 75 years of independence
  • Dipika Chikhlia shared photo on social media
  • Dipika Chikhlia posted the photo but made a mistake
The whole country celebrated 75 years of independence on 15 August 2022. On the initiative of the government, the tricolor was hoisted at their respective homes and posted its picture on social media. Now Deepika Chikhaliya, who played Sitaji in ‘Ramayana’, also appeared in this race. He also shared his dazzling photo with a big tricolor flag on Twitter. But during this she made a mistake, after which the users pierced her like a bee. Now what did it do, let us tell.

Actually, the government had started the ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ campaign. For this reason, everyone means the general public as well as big celebs also followed this campaign and hoisted the tricolor in their house. Dipika Chikhlia also shared the photo. In this, she is seen wearing a white plazo and kurta, saluting with one hand and holding the tricolor in the other hand. Along with this, he wrote a caption, ‘Happy Independence Day. Happy 75th Independence to all of us.

deepika chikhalia

People made Deepika Chikhaliya run
Now in this post she made the mistake that instead of the Twitter handle of the Prime Minister’s Office of India, she tagged the office of the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Now after this people made the actress run. One user wrote- ‘Oh Lord, where are you? Now you have to take an avatar. After this, another wrote, ‘What has happened to Sitaji, she is saluting Rawad.’ One said – Calm down friends, Pakistan is a state of India. One asked while enjoying – O mother, what kind of illusion is this for you? For what reason have you tagged the minister of these Asuras?

Dipika Chikhlia had earned name-fame
Let us tell you that Deepika Chikhaliya got recognition from Ramanand Sagar’s 1987 serial ‘Ramayana’. In this, she played the role of Mata Sita and gained popularity. At the same time, Arun Govil, who was seen in the role of Ram, also became famous. After this serial, people considered both of them as God in reality. Well, Deepika has also worked for the last time in Ayushmann Khurrana’s film ‘Bala’.

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