Sonali Phogat’s daughter sought justice from the government

Sonali Phogat, who became famous with Tiktok and then appeared in Bigg Boss season 13, is not among us. He died on August 23, 2022 in Goa. This news shook everyone. More than 8 months have passed since the incident. But still justice has not been served. Daughter Yashodhara, who had already lost her father, and then was wracked by the loss of her mother. She is now seeking help from the government. Telling that she is wandering from door to door.

Yashodhara Phogat shared the video on Facebook. Although he is no longer present on his page. But in that she is pleading for justice from the Prime Minister to the Home Minister. He says that if justice is not given, he and the society will lose faith in the judiciary. In the 53-second video, Yashodhara, while introducing herself, has mentioned the accused who are out on bail while one has applied for bail.

Yashodhara Phogat made the video

In the video, Yashodhara says, ‘Ram-Ram, I am Yashodhara Phogat. Daughter of Sonali Phogat. To get justice for my mother and to give peace to her soul, I have to wander from door to door. There are two accused in this case. Out of which one has been granted bail by the Goa High Court. And the second accused has applied for bail. And he succeeded in messing up the judiciary. Whoever is involved in this whole episode.

Yashodhara demanded action

Yashodhara further said, ‘I am giving his name in a complaint letter. And I have sent this complaint letter to Prime Minister, Chief Justice of India, Home Minister, Law Minister, and Director of CBI and Honorable Justice of Mumbai. I request the Honorable Prime Minister and the Home Minister to take action as soon as possible, otherwise I and the society will lose faith in the judiciary.

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Who are the two accused of Sonali Phogat?

Please tell that Sonali Phogat had gone to Goa on 22 August. From there he also shared some photos. There was a party in the night, in which they were given something to drink by the accused. Whose video was also revealed. When he died on August 23, the relatives accused the two of killing him. There was one Sukhwinder in this who was granted bail by the Goa High Court in the murder case on 3rd May. On the other hand, Sudhir Sangwan got bail in NDPS but the hearing in the murder case has been postponed till June 15.

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