Soundarya Sharma has no complaint with Gautam even after coming out of the house, said- I still respect him

‘Bigg Boss 16’ is in its last leg and the finale is in a few weeks. Actress Soundarya Sharma has recently been evicted from the show. It was left up to the housemates to decide who should be evicted based on their performance and participation in the show among Shaleen Bhanot, Tina Dutta and Soundarya Sharma who had to name one looking at the entire journey. Soundarya’s name was finally taken in this and her journey on BB16 came to an end. Speaking exclusively to BT after her eviction, Soundarya said that she was not surprised about her exit.

Soundarya Sharma said, ‘First of all, this elimination was not done in public. The family members took my name. But I wasn’t shocked because I didn’t come with any expectations. It was a journey for me and every journey ends at some point or the other. Bigg Boss has been an amazing experience for me.

What did Soundarya say about Gautam

She adds, ‘I have never been in a group. I have lived in my own environment my whole life. This is the first time that I am living in the same house with different types of people, with different energies. It is a show and everyone had their own game planning, so it was only fair for them to do what they wanted to do. But this experience has been good for me. It was a challenging and a beautiful journey. There were reports of Soundarya’s relationship with Gautam Vig. Most people thought it was fake. Gautam’s name was revealed in the last few episodes. He was accused of violating the character of Soundarya.

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Gautam didn’t say anything

Gautam, however, clarified in the media that he had not said these things. Soundarya likes to reserve comment on this. She says, ‘I am sure Gautam would not have said those things. Why would he do this? I met Gautam and Shaleen on the show and I didn’t know them before the show. So I do not know what and why he said.

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Soundarya does not want to comment

Talking about her relationship with Gautam, she says, ‘I still respect Gautam as a human being. I don’t know what has been said outside about him or me as I have just stepped out of the show. until I hear what it is. Gautam has said about me, I will not react on anything. People can say anything to get attention in front of the camera. I am not one to put people down or make derogatory remarks. I have just come out of the show and now I will read and see who has said what and will react only after knowing the truth. I do not want to react until I know the truth.

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