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Sumbul danced after seeing Fahman in the house, soon out of the show

In ‘Bigg Boss 16’ tonight, on ‘Friday Ka Vaar’, Salman Khan has once again come to wreak havoc on the housemates. Salman showed how the game of coup was played inside this house and which team was successful in this game. During this, glimpses of the task of the previous episode are being shown, in between which Sajid Khan flares up after listening to Archana. He says- Archana is repeatedly talking nonsense against him, about his father and all these things have made him lose his mind. Abdu explains to them that this spoils the mood of all the family members so they should keep calm. In the game, Stan declares the royal team as the winners. After this game, the common people’s team is discussing how foul the royal team was.

Archana says- Karan Johar is Farah Mam’s friend, now these people will kick me out
Priyanka tells Archana not to speak against Sajid. Archana screams like crazy on this. She says about Sajid that he is 50 years old, heart attack aaye to kyon aaya hai here. She screams and tells Priyanka – the day he says about your mother, then you will understand. She cries saying all this that these people will expel me. She says- Farah Mam’s friends are Karan Johar and Salman Khan and see now these people will kick me out.

Sumbul gets mad with happiness seeing Fahman.
Sajid Khan’s birthday celebration is happening in the house, where all the members of the house gather at one place except Archana. Archana says that I should not celebrate my birthday. Bigg Boss also wishes Sajid and announces wild card entry in the house. Fahman comes from the front and Sumbul jumps seeing him. Tina sees him and signals that it is Fahman. After this Fahman meets all the members of the house. Sumbul asks again and again that Fahman you have come true. Sumbul is unable to control her emotions and breaks down in tears. Sumbul holds her hand and says that I will show you the house and says that you will not leave from here now. Sumbul shows her room to them.

Tina and Shaleen get jealous seeing Sumbul and Fahman
Seeing the fun of Sumbul and Fahman, Shaleen and Tina talk among themselves and say that it is good that now he has come to the house, now Sumbul’s father will like it. Sumbul tells Fahmaan everything that happened in the house. Archana comes to Fahman and asks how is she looking outside. He explains to Archana that she is looking good the way she is looking. Sumbul tells Fahman that she doesn’t care about anything now.

Nimrit said – Fahman is more handsome than decent
Nimrit looks at Sumbul and comments as if she is jumping on seeing him. She says Fahman is more handsome than Shaleen. Abdul, Stan and Shiv talk about drinking alcohol while having fun. Tina says- Fahman is so hot. Shaleen and Fahman sit talking to each other. Shaleen narrated the words of Sumbul’s father to Fahman. Fahman says politely – The matter has increased a lot now. Shaleen tries his best to portray himself as a caring friend of Sumbul in front of them.

Soundarya, Archana and Priyanka fight with each other

Archana asks Sumbul who finished the ghee. Sumbul tells that ghee was used in Sajid Sir’s birthday, rice was made and it will be returned. Archana shouts that who eats ghee in rice, does it get affected by putting ghee in rice? Priyanka and Archana fight at the dinner table. After this Soundarya and Archana fight with each other. Soundarya says again and again I cannot come between you two. Soundarya and Priyanka fight with Archana over food and drink. The rest of the family members are very happy seeing their fight. Archana tells Priyanka – whose house she will go to will be upset, she has been alone and will remain alone for the rest of her life. Priyanka says – the whole country will be scared of you, go out and get your mind treated.

Fahman explains to Sumbul

Sumbul tells Fahman that both Tina and Nimrit have to become captains. Fahman explains to Sumbul that the less expectation you keep here, the better it will be for you. With this, the morning begins with the Bigg Boss anthem, where Archana breaks down. Soundarya sees them and hugs them. As soon as the anthem ends, Archana goes back to the room crying. Priyanka says – Drama in the morning. Soundarya goes to Archana to persuade her and asks her to come out.

Sajid said – Seeing Fahman, Gulati was beating
Shaleen reacts to Fahmaan that he looks like a good boy but does not know what he has brought in his mind. Tina says what to do. Fahman exercises and watching them, Sumbul tries to do the same. Sajid Khan laughs at them and says that Sumbul is so happy that she is doing Gulati. Sumbul Priyanka and Fahman are talking among themselves.

Archana asked Shaleen – have you come to pick up Tina’s garbage?
Archana talks to Sumbul and Fahman and says that she is feeling that I am a burden on everyone here. Archana says politely – your lady has put rotten flowers near my bed, you can pick them up. Archana said- When I told her, she said that she will tell Shaleen. He asked Shaleen are you his clipping? Have you come to pick up his garbage?

Salman said – Shaleen is sad to see Fahman
Salman asks Fahman who is most happy to see him in the house? Fahman says – Sumbul. Salman says that Tina is the happiest. Tina agrees. He says that the most unhappy must have been complacent. Salman asks will you be able to tolerate the family here? On this he says – only time will tell. After this, Salman inaugurated Fahmaan’s game with the balloon game. Salman having fun with Soundarya says that her dress has come down a bit after Gautam left.

proud out of the house
Fahman now tells a misunderstanding of all the members of the house. Fahman bursts Sumbul’s balloon after Archana and says she has a misconception that she is weak, I believe it is not so. Fahman said- Shaleen has this misconception that what he does is right, people think it is wrong. Shiv thinks that if he has won a Bigg Boss, then he will also win. Nimrit has a misconception that I will stay in this house and that she will fall in love with me. Salman tells what is Sumbul’s misunderstanding. Salman tells that Fahman is not a wild card entry in the show, he has come to promote his show. With this, Salman asks them to come out and Sumbul gets emotional.

Shaleen tells Tina that he spoke to Fahman, he told that Sumbul’s father’s health is not that bad. salman khan asks about the problem between sajid and archana

Tina, Sumbul and Shaleen’s parents meeting, Sumbul’s close friend Fahman’s entry

In the episode ‘Shukrawar Ka Vaar’, a meeting of Tina, Sumbul and Shaleen’s parents is being held. It is obvious that the heated argument between them will be seen heating up the atmosphere. Tina’s parents and Sumbul’s father will be taking sides of their kids and this is where their argument might bother people. Amidst all this, Sumbul’s close friend Fahman will enter the house as a wild card entry. Surely the atmosphere of the house will change for Sumbul and with that some new challenges will emerge for the rest of the house.

Salman took Priyanka Chahar Chowdhary’s class
Salman Khan is seen giving a class to Priyanka Chahar Chowdhary in this Friday Ka Vaar. Salman is saying in this show, ‘On one side there are those who stand with Sajid and on one side there are those who stand with Archana, but bring out their mistakes.’ He targeted Priyanka and said, ‘Tell me any such incident this week where you supported Archana.’ On this Priyanka said- I just sat outside and told Sajid ji that if she pokes, she says something, then you should not lose your temper. On this, Salman asked- How are you supporting Archana again in this?

Salman said – you sacrifice your friend
Salman lashes out at Priyanka and says, ‘When random conversation happens and Archana talks about others, you laugh out loud. Then you find it very funny, but when you say the same thing on someone’s face in front of everyone, then you step back. In the desire to see everything on national television, you sacrifice your friend.



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