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Sumbul rejected the ration of sick Tina, angry Bhanot said – you are blind

Bigg Boss 16 Update: In the TV reality show ‘Bigg Boss 16’, the contestants are living under one roof with people they do not even know, cut off from the outside world. During this many friends were made, the relationship between many still looks complicated.

Tina Datta, Shalin Bhanot and Sumbul Touqeer Khan have been together since the beginning. However, the friendship between Tina and Sumbul is only because of Shaleen, as Shaleen shares a good bond with both of them. Tina is jealous of Sumbul and Sumbul is seen getting caught in the gracious middle many times amidst the jealousy of both of them.

However, they never said anything openly in front of each other. In the last episode, all the contestants had to choose food for themselves and one had to deliver one of the two food in turn. Sumbul was asked to deliver the food to one of Sajid and Tina and one had to be sent back.

Tina gets angry with Sumbul

Sumbul Tauqeer delivered Sajid Khan’s food and sent Tina’s ration back. Because of this, Tina and Shaleen got very angry. Sumbul also made the region absurd. She said that she is sending Tina’s food back because she is bossy in the kitchen. Tina was very angry about this. Tina also told them to be fake and said that now she has to play the game, doesn’t she? Tina said, “I always support him and he has shown his honesty. From day one I am saying that it is fake.

Shaleen gets angry on Sumbul

Shaleen explains to Tina that Sumbul’s vote will be needed, Tina tells that she does not care about anyone. He chose such a smart ration and has been ill since morning, but Sumbul did not show honesty. Tina also asked Abdu to remove her from kitchen duty, but Abdu refused. Later, Tina asked Sumbul if he treated her like a bossy. In this, Shaleen gets angry at them and says, “Your mind is bad. are you mad. He is ill. The girl who stands up for you. When people were calling your father bad, then she came with you. You don’t see, you are blind.” After that he leaves from there in anger. Tina is quite surprised by this.

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