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The aunt of the locality is the Big Boss who gives knowledge to Shiva, the uncle has done in bringing out the issues outside Phd

Wow Big Boss! Wow… you, your house and your grandfather… have seen it all. The way Salman Khan gave his side in the episode of ‘Saturday Ka Vaar’. It was a very absurd, stifling and one-sided side. Yes, what you have done on the issue of Shiv Thackeray and Archana Gautam. You are absolutely heartbroken. The raita that you spread on the weekend ka vaar under the guise of Salman Khan is really poisonous. Salman Khan said that he will also give his side on the fight of Shiv-Archana, but when it was decided that you will keep the side, show the grandeur of your position and bring back the contestants who did violence without any rules. If you have to bring back the members who did the violence then why pretend to be kicked out of the show. You really played Big Boss. But in this game you have hurt the hearts of many of your spectators.

Salman Khan gave his stand on Saturday’s war and said that he will tell everyone the full truth of Shiv Thackeray-Archana Gautam’s fight. He only showed two clips. The first clip was of Shiv sitting in room number 6 having a normal conversation with Shaleen Bhanot and some other members that he understood what is Archana’s trigger point. At the same time, the second clip was this in which Archana Gautam is seen explaining to Shiva (Shiv Thakare) in the kitchen that ‘Shiv, don’t say anything about my party and didi.’ On the basis of these two clips, Salman Khan and the makers tried to prove that Shiv Thackeray provoked Archana Gautam. Complete planning. In this way she was proved wrong and Archana right.

Hey brother..if you had to bring back Archana Gautam, you would have given a valid reason.

It has been seen for the first time when a contestant used the word ‘two’ without any objection and violence also happened with it. He was also proved wrong in the show. Wah re Bigg Boss. If Archana Gautam had to be brought to you, he would have given some valid reason. Shiv Thackeray was made a villain without any fault, whereas you proved the throat slitter Archana a hero. Slow Clap Bigg Boss for you.

Looks like you forgot about Archana Gautam
Archana Gautam is the same contestant who has problems with every issue in the house. If they have problem with Abdu, then they have problem with tissue paper to water jug. The same Archana who drags Sumbul’s father into the fight and does not desist from saying derogatory things even for TV actors. Well, bypassing all these things, Salman Khan proved Shiv Thackeray wrong.

You yourself are expert in bringing out issues outside Bigg Boss..

salman khan bb rashmu desai

Salman Khan had said one more thing that Shiv Thackeray instigated Archana Gautam by bringing issues outside the house. But you probably forgot that you are expert in bringing outside issues. Do you remember Rashmi Desai’s friend Arhaan Khan was exposed in Bigg Boss season 13. Let us remember how many times you made fun of Umar Riaz’s profession.

umar riaz

why are you so kind
If the makers and Bhaijaan do not remember such old things, then remember yesterday’s episode (episode dated 12 November 2022) when you took a few seconds to make fun of Nimrit Kaur’s profession as a lawyer. Earlier you stuck your nose in the personal matters of Srijita Dey and Tina Dutta. Then, posing as the aunt of the locality, you called both of them in the confession room and ignited their issue. Not only this, in this season you brought their father to convince Sumbul. Even then questions were raised on you as to why you are being so kind to just one contestant.

tina datta

Shiv thackeray won’t win anywhere… don’t you be afraid of it
By the way, there have been allegations many times on shows like Bigg Boss that you leave no stone unturned to win the face of Colors. This is the reason why a contestant like Siddharth Shukla had committed violence in the show, yet he was made the winner. But you became so insecure of Shiv Thackeray’s honest personality that you publicly insulted him. The specialty of Shiva who has won Marathi Bigg Boss is that he looks very honest. No matter how much the person in front may fall, he does not raise his hand. He controls his tongue. Even in Hindi Bigg Boss, he was continuously getting love and in the meantime you spoiled his game with a well thought out plan. Yes, the planning was done not by Shiv but by Bigg Boss to spoil Shiv’s game.

Bigg Boss 16 Shanivaar Ka Vaar Highlights: Ghori is out and Archana is inside, Salman Khan tells Shiv Thackeray that it is absolutely wrong
Like Archana, you too fell in hunger for TRP
Archana did violence and it was totally wrong. This violence could not be justified, but the way you turned it around was really shameful. Everyone knows that Archana Gautam gives a lot of content in the show. His gimmicks, jokes and fights are widely seen. Just for this content, you got carried away and sat down to justify even the violence. Sorry Bigg Boss….you did very wrong with the viewers.

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