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The aunt who came to the wedding created a lot of ruckus, did such a dance by jumping and the guests turned away in fear…VIDEO

The aunt who came to the wedding created a ruckus

New Delhi :

People dance fiercely in Indian weddings. The bridegroom – the friends of the bride – from the family to the guests coming to the wedding, whoever dances, starts doing the same thing. There is a different kind of enthusiasm about dance in weddings. Everyone is seen dancing in their fun. Many times people do such a dance in enthusiasm that people do not stop laughing after seeing it. One such wedding dance video is going viral on social media. It is seen in this video that all the guests have come dressed in the wedding. Laughter is an atmosphere of happiness.

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It is seen in the video that everyone is dancing to the tune of dance. At the same time, a decorated aunt is also seen, leaving everyone behind and loses her senses in enthusiasm and seems to dance in her own style. She gets so intoxicated in dancing that she forgets to wear her sandals too. Not only this, while dancing, she first sits, then bends back and forth and then starts jumping.

It is seen in the video that suddenly the guest standing with Auntie doing this does not understand anything for a while. All are in a state of confusion, then move aside and start giving place to Auntie.

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