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The boat of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ is sinking due to these 5 reasons? Millions of attempts are also failing

Bigg Boss 16 Flop Reason: When it comes to favorite reality shows, the reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ hosted by Bollywood actor Salman Khan comes on top. Although all its seasons proved to be quite entertaining and the audience liked it a lot. However, the 14th and 15th seasons did not show anything special. People had high hopes from ‘Bigg Boss 16’, but even in one and a half months this season could not live up to the expectations.

‘Bigg Boss 16’ has not yet been able to compete with the hit season of Bigg Boss in many ways. This year’s season is also proving to be unsuccessful in making a place in the hearts of the people. Let us tell you those 5 reasons, due to which this season is also being called a flop.

boring contestants
In ‘Bigg Boss 16’, 16 contestants were locked in the ‘Circus House’. Most of the contestants of the season are looking boring. Manya Singh, Sumbul Tauqeer and Ankit Gupta were not visible at the beginning of the show. Still most of the contestants are not very active. Except Archana Gautam, Abdu Rojic, Shiv Thackeray, Priyanka Chaudhary, the activity of the rest of the contestants is very less and they are not even entertaining.

lack of task in the show
One of the biggest reasons for the season’s flop is lack of tasks. More tasks play a big role in entertaining the audience. However, there is a dearth of tasks in this season. Tasks are being seen less and more battles are being seen in the show.

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fake bonding and love
The bonding of the locked contestants in the Bigg Boss house is also very important. However, so far this season has seen some solid friendship and no real love. The love angle of Gautam Vig and Soundarya Sharma also looks quite week, which people are telling as fake. Shaleen and Tina were also initially trying to create a love angle, but their relationship was quite confusing. At the same time, the friendship of Shaleen-Sumbul, MC Stan-Ghori and Gautam Vij-Shaleen Bhanot also did not touch the hearts of the people. Now their friendship also ended.

lack of issues
This time there is a lack of issues in Bigg Boss house. Contestants are quite boring and they are unable to raise issues. Nothing bang is happening in the house without issues, due to which the audience is not able to connect with the show.

Opposition to the show due to Sajid Khan
MeToo accused Sajid Khan being cast in Bigg Boss is also one of the reasons for this season’s flop. Sajid Khan, accused of sexual harassment, was strongly opposed for being cast in Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss makers also faced criticism due to this. Due to this, the success of the show is also being affected.

At present, the makers are trying hard to make the show interesting. Shekhar Suman also hosts ‘Sunday Ka Vaar’. Salman Khan hosts on Friday and Saturday.

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