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The director told me – show the private part, Saar Kashyap told that he did a dirty act by calling home

Saar Kashyap has won everyone’s heart with the magic of acting in all the TV serials like ‘Laut Aaye Trisha’, ‘Badi Door Se Aaye Hai’, ‘Nagarjuna – Ek Yoddha’ and ‘Bal Krishna’. However, he did not get the popularity in the way that he had come to this industry as expected. Well, now in an interview, the actor has talked about his struggle as well as the casting couch. It has been told how he had broken and shattered.

Saar Kashyap told in an exclusive conversation with ‘ETimes’, ‘When I was just starting my career in the industry, I used to meet many casting directors for work. And I still remember meeting a well-known casting director of a top TV production house. He suggested to me that to survive in the industry requires talent and a special skill more than other talents. During this he asked to meet me. Called to some place he told me so that he can help me in how the industry works.

Casting director demanded from Sar Kashyap
Sar Kashyap further said, ‘Being a newcomer, he also told me that I should keep meeting men. I didn’t think much about it then and out of curiosity, reached the place called by him. Leaving the matter of work, he started talking about some private affairs. Didn’t even talk about auditions. He asked me to show the private parts. Truth be told, it was completely dark before my eyes. I just told him that I would give better attention to my audition and later out of love I refused and came out of that place. It was a big shock for me.

Saar Kashyap was starting to feel scared
The actor further told that that incident shook him from inside. “I understood how people in powerful positions can exploit an artist coming from a small town, especially those from Guwahati. I was really depressed. And after that incident I was scared to even meet people.

Sar Kashyap has worked in films
Sar Kashyap told that the incident had become a lesson for him that how unsafe Mumbai is for men like women. It took me several months to come out of this. But I believed in myself so today I have become a successful actor. Let us tell you that apart from TV, he has also worked in films. He has worked in ‘Padmavat’, ‘Saat Kadam’ and ‘Ship of Theseus’.



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