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The ‘Four More Shots’ actress spilled the pain on body shaming – the industry made me realize that I am fat

Be it Siddhi of Four More Shots Please or Chanchal of Tripling, or Goggles of Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan, actress Maanvi Gagroo has left her mark in every character. Soon the third season of his two popular series Tripling and Four More Shots Please is going to be streamed. In this connection, we had a special conversation with Manvi. Where he spoke openly on topics ranging from body shaming to road trips.

Tripling has been the story of an exciting road trip of three siblings. Was there a new or different experience this time?
As we saw in the trailer, this time the story is about the parents. This time he is the hero of the story and we are reacting to his story. That’s a new thing. The second new thing is that usually children take a decision, on which parents say what people will say, what we will show in the society, etc., but the reverse is happening here. Parents decide to separate, at which children tell their parents what we will tell our friends? You can’t do this, why are you doing this? So it’s a funny reversal that children have become parents and parents have become children.

By the way, even in real life, the separation of parents is not easy for children. Whereas, divorce has become a very common thing in today’s era. How do you think parents and children should handle this sensitive situation?
Look, it’s very easy for me to speak, because I haven’t gone through this experience. Still, according to me, if you are not happy in any relationship, then you should not stay in it, because if the child is growing up in a bad environment where his parents fight all day or they do not have a good relationship then he too will be the child. not good for. Many times we feel that after an age maybe children will be able to understand this thing, because when children are small then there is a problem. How will you explain to them, because the child thinks that parents should stay with me, but I used to think that after an age when you grow up then you can understand this thing. However, it is easy to say. For example, I have a friend, whose parents got divorced recently, so she had a lot of trouble understanding this. My friend could not handle this thing. He has lost faith in things like love, marriage, so it is definitely not easy for the children. That is why it is necessary to show these stories, so that we can normalize the fact that it is necessary to have a happy family, not two people living with each other unhappy. It is better to have a happy separated couple than an unhappy family.

How do you see your journey from Delhi’s South X girl to Mumbai’s cool actress? How much change do you see in yourself in this journey?
Sometimes I can’t believe that this is the same girl who has come this far (laughs). Well, I think to myself that I am like that. Well, change has definitely come, because we are getting older. I think I have changed a lot after the corona pandemic, because I was alone here in both the lockdowns, I got to spend time with myself, so life has come to a standstill. It has happened in such a way that it is okay man, there is no need to run so much. Do your work honestly and hard, the rest will be done. We are so worried that this did not happen, that did not happen, it is not needed because eighty percent of the things for which we keep worrying are not in our hands. We are just burning our blood. So, enjoy, be comfortable.

Your Series Four More Shots Please! The third season is also coming, in which your character Siddhi has issues regarding weight. Even in Ujda Chaman, your character has to listen to taunts for being overweight. Have you gone through body shaming yourself? When did you accept that I am perfect as I am?
In fact, until I entered the industry, I didn’t even think I was fat. After coming into the industry, people used to call me like this, because whether it is a producer, director or casting director, they did not understand in which category to put me. They thought that they cannot cast it in the role of lead heroine, because it is fat, but cannot cast it in the role of a fat girl either, because it is not that fat either, so I was stuck somewhere in the middle. Then I realized the problem that oh well I am fat, I should lose weight and to be honest I don’t think I am still able to fully accept the fact that I am perfect. Even now it happens to me that if I am shopping for clothes or there is a costume trial going on then I feel that no, no, don’t wear this, I will look fat in it. Then I correct myself whether or not man, if he looks good then it is fine. The only problem is that I look fat, so don’t hold myself back for that, so many times I have to remind myself that I am fine as I am. But I still have that insecurity. Like, if I meet someone after a long time and he says hey, you have become thin then I am happy to hear this but then I remind myself whether you are fat or thin, it doesn’t matter .

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What do you think are good and bad about road trips and have you had a memorable road trip in your life?
The good thing about road trips is that if you want to see the beauty or culture of a place up close, then road trips are the best. Only then you can see it and the bad thing is that in our country the washrooms on the streets are not clean, especially for girls, so I find it a big problem, because I want clean toilets, that’s why Since then I do not do much road trips, I avoid them. But when we were young, we used to go on many road trips with the family, because my father was posted there, Ranipur is a place near Haridwar, so any long weekend used to come, then we used to drive from Delhi. Other than that, I just went on a long road trip with friends from London to Edinburgh and then from there to London, which was a lot of fun.



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