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The series of changing relationships! In the house of Bigg Boss 16, the equation changed so many times in a month

Bigg Boss 16: Bigg Boss 16 is the most popular reality show. In every season of Bigg Boss, there is a fight between the contestants. In the house, sometimes there is love and sometimes there is a dispute between the contestants. All the same is being seen in season 16 as well. The contestants who used to claim to be good friends, are seen against each other as the days pass and are also accusing each other fiercely. Let us know here how many times the relationships of which family members have changed in a month in season 16.

The equation of Sumbul-Shaleen-Tina’s relationship changed many times

Sumbul, Shaleen and Tina used to be good friends at the beginning of the show. All three were seen chilling together. But in the meantime, Sumbul’s father comes on the show and objected to the friendship of Shaleen and Sumbul. They say that Shaleen and Tina together make fun of Sumbul. Sumbul Tauqir’s father even told Shaleen that he has made a spectacle of the actress. He had told Shaleen a lot. At the same time, Sumbul was advised that people are taking advantage of him, so he should play alone. However, despite her father’s advice, she reached Shaleen and Tina to apologize. Later everything went well between Sumbul, Shaleen and Tina and they became friends again.

In the last episode, Shaleen had a fight with Tina and Sumbul.
Even after this, the equation of their relationship has been seen changing many times. Tina and Shaleen have also had several fights over Sumbul. Even in Tuesday’s episode, there is a fight between Sumbul Tina and Shaleen for not delivering ration to Tina. Tina looks very angry with Sumbul, while Shaleen also tells Sumbul a lot. After this, even in the nomination task, Shaleen gives more flowers to Tina, but not to Sumbul. Even after this, there is a lot of quarrel between the two. Sumbul even says that she will not be friends with Shaleen again. At the same time, Tina also calls Shaleen a fake and says that she acts all the time.

The relationship between Gautam-Nimrit and Shiva also changed.
In Bigg Boss season 16, Gautam and Nimrit were also good friends initially. The two were often seen talking and joking with each other. Nimrit also fully supported her friend Gautam. But because of Soundarya, Gautam could not give time to Nimrit. After this Nimrit started spending time with Shiv and Sajid Group. At the same time, during the Captain Task, when Nimrit had to choose between the ration of the house and Shiva, Nimrit chooses Shiva as the Captain. Gautam was angry with this and he had a lot of quarrel with Nimrit. After this, the equation of their relationship changed. Both of them patched up later, but the cracks in the friendship could not be filled. Now Nimrit has become a friend of Shiva instead of Gautam.

The equation of Ghori, Sajid and Shiv’s relationship also changed.
It has been more than a month since Bigg Boss season 16. During this, Ghori, Shiv and Sajid were seen in a group. Everyone was seen working together and supporting each other. But Ghori did not like Nimrit’s entry in Shiv-Sajid’s group. After this Ghori also talked to Stan that Shiv and Sajid never let them both come forward. After this, Gori was seen spending time with Soundarya and Gautam. At the same time, in last Friday’s war, host Salman Khan revealed Gori’s pole and told that she does evil to Sajid and Shiva. After this the equation of their relationship changed. Sajid and Shiv became very angry with Ghori. At the same time, Gori has also left her earlier group and has now joined Soundarya and Gautam’s group.

Archana and Priyanka’s friendship also broke
Archana and Priyanka initially became friends in Bigg Boss 16. Bigg Boss also told both that they do right what they do together but during Shekhar Suman’s Big Bulletin, Archana had raised questions on Priyanka’s unhygienic way of cooking. After this the equation of their relationship changed. There was also a lot of fighting between the two. Although both had become friends again for the last two to four days, but during the nomination task held yesterday, their friendship broke again.

For the time being, it remains to be seen how many times the equation of the contestants will change in the house till the end of season 16 of Bigg Boss.

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