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There was a ruckus about this film of Kamal Haasan, the loving couple were ready to die after watching the climax of the movie.

Know some special things about Kamal Haasan

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Versatile actor Kamal Haasan, who left behind even the biggest stalwarts for his strong acting, is celebrating his 68th birthday today. He was born on this day on 7 November 1954. South’s superstar Kamal Haasan has proved his mettle in Bollywood as well. Kamal is not only an actor but also a brilliant director, amazing playback singer, screen writer and producer. He started his film career as a child artist. Let us introduce you to interesting things about his professional and love life on his birthday.

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It is a matter of those days when actor Kamal Haasan made his Bollywood debut in the year 1981 with the film ‘Ek Duje Ke Liye’. Balachander was the director of this film. When this film was ready, the distributors did not buy it for fear of loss. The producer of the film had distributed the film himself after giving up. The director of the film used to like Raj Kapoor a lot, so before releasing the film, he showed this film to Raj Kapoor. Raj Kapoor did not like the climax of the film and advised to change it. But Balachander decided to release the film with its real climax. As soon as the film was released, everyone liked this film very much, but at that time there was a ruckus about this film when the effect of this film started appearing in the lovers.


Quoting media reports about Kamal Haasan, it is reported that there have been five women in his life. In the 1970s, he appeared in a few films with actress Srividya. At that time the news of his and Srividya’s affair made headlines but this relationship did not last long. In the year 1978, Kamal Haasan took seven rounds with Vani Ganapati. After ten years this relationship also broke up. After parting ways with Vaani, Kamal Haasan’s name was associated with actress Sarika. According to media reports, both daughters Shruti Haasan were born before marriage and after that both of them got married. After marriage, Akshara Haasan was born to Kamal Haasan and Sarika. Kamal and Sarika’s relationship also did not go very far and both of them separated in 2004.


Kamal Haasan is one of the most expensive actors in the film industry. Kamal Haasan, who gives more than one hit films, also charges a hefty fee for advertising. They earn money by investing in films. According to media reports, Kamal Haasan is the owner of a property worth more than 700 crores. Kamal Haasan was the first actor in the film industry to charge one crore for a single film.


Kamal Haasan likes to live a luxury life. He has a luxurious bungalow in Chennai. It has all the amenities and facilities. According to media reports, the price of this bungalow is around 30 crores. He also has many properties abroad. Kamal Haasan is fond of expensive cars. He has a collection of luxury vehicles like Hummer, Audi and Limousine.

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