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There were reports of marrying Mika Singh, Akanksha Puri gave such a statement that she could not believe it

Mika Singh Akanksha Puri Relationship: Bollywood singer Mika Singh is a bachelor even at the age of 45. Mika Singh also got a chance to find a partner to mingle from single. A special Swayamvar ‘Mika Di Vohti’ was also launched for him. In this reality show, beauties came from different cities, with whom Mika spent time and selected any of them to be his voter.

His best friend Akanksha Puri, who was the winner of the show, also won at the end of the show. Mika Singh had made Akanksha Puri his voter among the 12 girls. Usually boys and girls get married in the finale of Swayamvar, but Mika and Akanksha did not get married at that time. Although, the two started dating immediately, but now Akanksha has revealed that the two are not a couple. The actress has announced this in an interview given to ETimes.

Akanksha-Mika are not couples

Akanksha said, “We have been friends for many years and will remain so. We are not a couple.” On choosing each other as partners in Swayamvar, Akanksha said, “Swayamvar meant choosing each other and we chose. We have known each other for almost a decade. We have never said that we are in love or haven’t even done any romance show. We were clear that we need a life partner. Any partner who is also a friend. Nothing changed between us after the show. We are the same old friends that we were.” Akanksha told that, both are protective and respect for each other. He is taking steps slowly.

Both are busy in work commitments

Akanksha Puri also told that, both do not even hold each other’s hand in public places. Right now both are busy with their work. After winning ‘Mika Di Voti’, this show of Akanksha and Mika was said to be preplan. On this, the actress said that she does not care what people say.

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