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This girl seen in Shashi Kapoor’s lap is today the biggest superstar of TV, this record is the name!

This little girl, who is seen in the lap of actor Shashi Kapoor, is not only ruling the TV industry but also has a huge fan following. Apart from Shashi Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna and Mithun Chakraborty have been its fans.

Little Rupali Ganguly with Shashi Kapoor, Photo: Instagram


  • This girl, who is seen in Shashi Kapoor’s lap, is considered to be the superstar of TV today.
  • This is Rupali Ganguly, who stepped into the acting world at the age of seven
  • Rupali Ganguly is now ruling millions of hearts through ‘Anupama’
Do you know who is this girl who is seen in the lap of actor Shashi Kapoor? Think, just look carefully and, putting emphasis on the mind, tell who is this? Shashi Kapoor was the most favorite actor of this girl’s father. There was also a good bond between the two. Today this girl is ruling the TV industry. Fans have also started calling it the ‘Queen’ of TV serials.

Acting since childhood, Raj is becoming ‘Anupama’

This is Rupali Ganguly. Yes, this picture is from the childhood of Rupali Ganguly, who is ruling the TV industry today. Rupali Ganguly is 45 years old today, but she is doing acting since childhood. Rupali Ganguly has been ruling the hearts of people for two consecutive years through Anupama TV show. Not only this, his show has also been shadowed since its launch. ‘Anupama’ is the number one TRP show in the country and continues to remain at number one.

rupali ganguly childhood5

Little Rupali in Rajesh Khanna’s lap, Photo: Instagram/social media

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rupali ganguly childhood

Photo: Instagram/social media

Daughter of famous director Anil Ganguly
Rupali Ganguly is the daughter of famous director and screenwriter Anil Ganguly. His brother Vijay Ganguly is also a well-known choreographer and producer. Sara Ali Khan in ‘Chaka Chak’ was choreographed by Vijay Ganguly in ‘Atrangi Re’. Rupali Ganguly inherited her acting skills and entered the acting world at the age of 7. Being brought up in a film environment since childhood, Rupali Ganguly had a lot of visits on the sets. She appeared alongside Rajesh Khanna to Shashi Kapoor and Mithun Chakraborty.

rupali ganguly childhood3

Little Rupali in father’s lap, Photo: Instagram/social media

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Debut from Papa’s film, got recognition from TV
Rupali Ganguly made her Bollywood debut as a child artist in the year 1985 with ‘Saheb’. After this he worked in films like ‘Angara’, ‘Do Aankhen Barah Haath’. Rupali Ganguly first got recognition from the TV show ‘Sanjeevani’. After this he was also well-liked in ‘Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai’. But ‘Anupama’ further increased the stardom of Rupali Ganguly. Today Rupali Ganguly is counted among the top actresses of TV.

rupali ganguly childhood1

Photo: Instagram/social media

Rupali Ganguly is also expert in stunts
Rupali Ganguly is usually seen in traditional and homely characters, but she is also adept at performing dangerous stunts. Rupali Ganguly showed her daring side in the 2009 stunt based TV reality show ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 2’. Rupali Ganguly also appeared in the web series ‘Anupama: Namaste America’, which was released on Disney Plus Hotstar this year.

rupali ganguly childhood

Photo: Instagram/social media

Businesswoman too, so is Rupali Ganguly’s net worth and fees
Today Rupali Ganguly is not only an actress but also a businesswoman. He also has an advertising agency. According to reports, Rupali Ganguly charges one and a half to three lakh rupees for an episode of ‘Anupama’. His net worth is said to be 12 to 15 crores.

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