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This TV actress was forced to leave the life of showbiz and live in a hut, the video went viral

Nupur Alankar Video Goes Viral: An actress of the TV industry is in a lot of headlines these days on social media. This is Nupur Alankar, a well-known actress of the glamor world, who has retired from wealth and fame. A video of Nupur Alankar is becoming fiercely viral on social media, in which she is seen dancing in the avatar of Sadhvi. Nupur is now absorbed in the devotion of Lord Krishna by saying goodbye to showbiz. In the latest video, Nupur Krishna was seen dancing to the hymns in the temple.

This latest video of Nupur is being shared a lot in which she is seen dancing immersed in devotion. The career of the TV industry actress was very difficult. Also, there were problems in her personal life, so the actress had retired from Mayanagari. Nupur, who has worked on television for 27 years, is now living life only by worshiping Prabhu. A new video of Nupur has surfaced, in which she is seen dancing in the Krishna temple. In the video you can see that this view is of Krishna temple. Where the devotees are absorbed in Krishna devotion. Nupur is dancing along with the rest of the devotees with applause.

Nupur Alankar had posted some pictures on Instagram before the video. In these photos, she was seen meditating sitting under the hut. Fans were shocked to see this style of the actress. According to the report, Nupur and her husband were not together as a couple for the last 3 years. Nupur and her husband were living separately for the last two and a half years. Let us tell you that, the actress was seen in many shows like Shaktimaan, Ghar Ki Laxmi Daughters, Diya Aur Baati Hum and Raja Ji. He also worked in many films.



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