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Those 8 talents of the industry, whose atrangi comedy showed a lot of people’s love

You all must watch ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Comedy is seen in this show in Hindi language only. This show has taken Kapil Sharma to the heights today. He tried his hand in acting but nothing worked. Now you must be thinking that why we are telling about this. Actually, on September 14, the whole country celebrates Hindi Diwas. On this special occasion, we thought why not introduce you to such artists and content creators who have gained popularity by doing comedy in Hindi language. Let’s get started.

Zakir Khan

Zakir Khan is one of those actors who are hard to forget. It takes courage and determination to do comedy in Hindi in front of an English speaking crowd and to be successful. And he does it with ease. His Urdu language has always been comfortable in Hindi attire.

mallika dua

Be it her English language or her Delhi style, it is certain that Mallika Dua can win hearts and make people laugh. The daughter of Vinod Dua, one of the top journalists, there is no doubt where her grasp of language comes from.

Prajakta Koli

Prajakta Koli is one of our top YouTuber turned content creator turned actor. More than her name, she is known as Mostly Insane thanks to her Instagram handle. As most of the content is in Hindi, she likes to keep it simple. One of the other reasons millions of people can relate to her content is that she keeps it real with the way she stays away from the camera and speaks in Hindi like any of us.

Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma is one of those successful comedians who are known for their desi local Hindi comedy. If you’re a follower of his show, you’ll know that one of his specialties is that, even if his guests are speaking English, he’s quite comfortable conversing in Hindi. Kapil has encouraged many of his guests to speak in Hindi on his shows.

Prashasti Singh

If someone said that women are not funny, Prashasti Singh can immediately prove them wrong. Prashasti not only does comedy, but all her scripts are in Hindi as well, which makes her relatable to her audience. She has also appeared in Hindi shows like Hum Do Three Chaar.

Amit Tandon

Known for his clean comedy, Amit Tandon can show you a funny sense of humor in Hingkish too. Often taking his wife as his muse in his sketches, Amit has always been a supporter of projecting the language on the global stage. So much so that after the success of their first show in the USA in 2017, many organizers turned to Hindi stand up.

Sumaira Sheikh

In Sumaira Sheikh’s sketches, it is not just any Hindi, people get a taste of local Mumbai Hindi. Dongri brought up Sumaira, took advantage of her bidding and if you watch her show Dongri Danger she will give you a good reason why she likes gangsters.

Varun Grover

A stand-up comedian and poet, Varun Grover has always been the best at whatever he wants to do and his command of the Hindi language has always been impeccable. His knowledge and vocabulary in Hindi can be seen in the list of works like Masaan, Gangs of Wasseypur etc. Being a civil engineering graduate from Banaras Hindu University, we are glad that he decided to change his career path.

Bhuvan Bam

Today’s Instagram is full of monologues or dinghy videos in Hindi, but it was Bhuvan Bam who introduced those funny videos in Hindi when there was no concept of content creators in Hindi. Her Hindi commentary on celebrity weddings or any special occasion has always been viral content for some good reason.



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