Thought I would never be able to return again… Sunil Grover was so scared after heart attack

Last year saw many ups and downs in the life of famous comedian and actor Sunil Grover. He went through four bypass surgeries after a heart attack. He was treated at the Asian Heart Institute in Mumbai and was discharged seven days after the surgery. He was also found to be Covid positive at the time of recruitment. He has now spoken about his health scare and said that he thought he would never come back again.

Sunil Grover told Siddharth Kannan, ‘I was already battling Kovid and then this (heart attack) happened. You have to face it and move on in life. Your mind gets bogged down with so many different thoughts. Those 1-2 months were tough for me mentally, but now I finally feel everything is fine.

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‘You start questioning yourself’

45-year-old Sunil Grover further said, ‘At such a time you ask yourself, will this ever be okay? Will I ever be able to make a comeback or not? But luckily, everything turned out well. Sometimes you wonder what if this happened after some time. Maybe everything happens for a reason. Now I am completely fine and enjoying my work.

sunil’s bypass surgery

The doctor, who treated Sunil, had earlier told our colleague ETimes, ‘An angiography was done a week after he was admitted. He had blockages in his heart. His heart was working normally and luckily there was no damage to the heart muscles. So bypass surgery was done. He has recovered well and is now being discharged.

Sunil Grover discharged from hospital after heart surgery, fans’ prayers show effect

Will share screen with Shahrukh

Sunil Grover resumed work two months after being discharged from the hospital. He will now share the screen with Shah Rukh Khan in ‘Jawaan’. This film will be released in theaters this year.

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