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Tina Dutta’s co-star did such an act during an intimate scene in the show!

Tina Dutta Accused Her Co-Star: Actress Tina Dutta is seen in ‘Bigg Boss 16’ these days and her fans like her a lot. Tina Dutta once spoke openly about the exploitation she faced on the sets of the show. Tina got recognition from house to house by playing the role of ‘Ichha’ in ‘Colors’ show ‘Uttaran’. She was absent from the screen for a long time when one day her return was announced through Ekta Kapoor’s super natural show ‘Daayan’ which aired on &TV.

Tina Dutta had accused of touching inappropriately

Not only in the country, but during the #MeToo moment against exploitation all over the world, Tina also made many serious allegations against her co-star. According to reports, Tina broke down badly due to this act during the show. Further reports state that Mohit has been continuing his aggressive behavior with Tina for a long time and many people on the sets already knew about it. Not only this, he was also warned many times, even after which he continued to do what he did. This made Tina really uncomfortable and she went to the makers about it.

Tina said during an interview about the same, “When we shoot a TV show, there are a lot of problems, big/small/ugly. I have raised my issues (related to Mohit) with the production. The team and they have been very supportive. I am thrilled to be working with Balaji after many years. I leave it to him to sort out the issues. Thank you.”

Mohit denies the allegations

Talking about Mohit, when he was contacted about the same, he was shocked to hear such things about him and said that he and Tina share a good bond and this has never happened. “She is a good friend of mine and we have cordial relations,” he said. He even said that there were hardly any intimate scenes in the show that they shot together.



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