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Uorfi Javed: Urfi Javed said – how to make this dress with wire, users said – false it is a brush for washing dishes

Urfi Javed is in the discussion about his looks more than his acting or his work in the TV world. By the way, Urfi is seen in her new style every day and at times she is so strange and strange that it takes the internet by storm. Something similar has happened this time and the discussion is just about this bikini top of Urfi, which she has DIYed.

Urfi wore a wire dress
Uorfi Javed is in the headlines for this latest look. In this video, Urfi is seen in a steel bikini top looking like Hart. In this video, Urfi also told that she has made this dress herself, which is very easy. In this video, Urfi is telling how this dress has been prepared.

Urfi told- how this dress is made
He said, ‘Now if I explain, I do not know whether you will be able to understand or not. Bella Hadid wore one such design to Cannes, which was just a little floral. It was made of jewellery, so I DIYed it myself. Took the wire, put it in the middle of the pen and made lots of flowers and glued them together.

People said – there is no wire but Juna, who cleans utensils
Now people have said a lot on this video. Users are seen saying that this is not a wire but Juna, who cleans utensils. One user said – Understood, if the steel scrubber gets damaged, don’t throw it, make a dress. One has advised – don’t go out wearing a bomb dress in Diwali. One user said – This dish washing scrubber is not visible!

Sometimes wearing a watch and sometimes wearing a stone dress

Earlier, Urfi has been in a lot of discussion about her unique dress made of watches and sometimes with a SIM card.



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