Urfi Javed getting abuses on call, actress took this step

Orfi Javed On Trolls: Social media sensation Urfi Javed remains in the limelight for her outlandish clothes. No one would have thought about the kind of clothes she wears. Sometimes she is seen wearing a dress made of wire, sometimes with tape pasted on it. Some people praise his unique fashion sense, while there is no dearth of trollers. These days the actress is getting calls from teenage groups and is being abused. Because of this the actress is very angry.

Urfi Javed scolded the trollers

Urfi Javed has scolded the teenage boys who troll her insta story. The actress wrote in the post, “This kid and his 10 friends are calling me continuously. I don’t know from where they got the number. They are calling me and abusing me. What has happened to the children these days? troubling me without any reason. I am going to file a police complaint against those 10 children, but if anyone knows their parents, let me know. I’ll reward you!”

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Urfi Javed’s dispute with Chetan Bhagat

Urfi Javed is surrounded by criticism because of her fashion. Recently, famous writer Chetan Bhagat had said in a conference that today’s youth are getting spoiled because of Urfi Javed’s photos. On which the actress revealed that Chetan was sending WhatsApp messages to girls. Not only this, the actress also said that she should not promote rape culture. The statement containing WhatsApp messages was later rejected by Chetan Bhagat.

Let us tell you that these days Urfi Javed is seen in ‘MTV Splitsvilla 14’. In the show, the actress has also found her partner in the form of Kashish Thakur.

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