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Urfi Javed wreaks havoc with a broken heart, playing the magic of beauty in the viral clip

Internet sensation aka Javed has been involved in controversies. More than half the time, she keeps making headlines for her clothes. Sometimes she also has to face criticism but she is never scared of it. She always seems happy in her world. Recently, he even stirred the paparazzi. When someone commented on his clothes. She designs a dress for herself from every little thing. Once again she was spotted with a broken heart, in which she looked absolutely cool.

Urfi Javed made such a mark with ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ that now he is getting full name and fame both. She remains the talk of the town with her quirky attire. A few days ago a video of her surfaced, in which she was seen very angry. He also thrashed him fiercely. Because someone had asked for her – today she has come wearing such clothes. On this he said- ‘I do not come here for this. If you want to comment on clothes, then do it on the clothes of your girlfriend and mother and sister. No one will comment on my clothes.

Urfi Javed sparkled
Now she was spotted once again. During this she was looking very happy. She was wearing a mini red skirt and a top in the shape of a broken heart, with many chains attached to it. In the video, she is talking to the paparazzi and looks very beautiful. Users are also commenting on this unique look of her. wasting love.

Ranveer Singh-Masaba Gupta have praised
Urfi Javed may have been trolled for his dressing sense, but Ranveer Singh and fashion designer Masaba Gupta have praised him fiercely. The Bollywood actor described Jahan Urfi as a fashion icon. At the same time, Masaba had said that the way she designs her outfits overnight, she wants to learn the art from him. In such a situation, it is imperative for Urfi to reach the seventh heaven.



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