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Video: Anjali Arora was seen jumping and running at the airport, herself told why she was so upset

Anjali Arora. Internet Sensation. ‘Lockup’ contestant and the content creator who ruled the hearts of millions. The latest video of social media star Anjali Arora is currently in the headlines of social media. The reason for this video going viral is also very special. Fans are also reacting a lot after watching this video. Some are making fun of the photographers and some are giving their feedback about Anjali. Let’s show why Anjali Arora’s video is so overshadowed.

Recently Anjali Arora was spotted at the airport. She was in a hurry. The paparazzi requests Anjali to stop and get the pictures clicked. But she was very late, due to which she does not stay at the airport. She tells the photographers that I am already very late. Saying this she gets furious.

Users making such comments on Anjali Arora’s video
The reaction of the fans was bound to come after this video of Anjali Arora came to the fore. Some said that they ridiculed whether the flight was only waiting for Anjali. At the same time, some users also taunted him on the matter of leaking MMS videos.

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Why did some users taunt Anjali Arora?

Actually, a few days ago, the alleged MMS video of Anjali Arora was leaked. Because of this, she was also in a lot of discussion. However, regarding this video, Anjali had said that that video is not hers. But even after several days have passed, users are taunting him on this MMS scandal.



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