VIDEO: ‘Brother Urvashi is calling’ – the person commented in the middle of the match, Rishabh Pant reacted like this, people said – it is played!

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Rishabh Pant and Urvashi Rautela have been in a lot of discussion on social media for some time now. Funny memes about both have also become viral on social media. Recently a video of Rishabh Pant has surfaced, which became very viral. In this video, a man was seen teasing Rishabh Pant by taking the name of Urvashi Rautela during the match. After this the reaction given by Rishabh Pant became a topic of discussion. In the video you can see that Rishabh Pant is on the field. When he is leaving, some viewers start teasing him by taking Urvashi’s name. Then after seeing the reaction given by the cricketer, people are in a bad state of laughter.

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In the video you can see that Rishabh Pant is walking on the boundary line of the field. In such a situation, a person starts teasing her in the name of Urvashi. The man shouts, ‘Brother Urvashi is calling’, to which Pant also gives a funny reaction. Pant first looks at the person angrily and then says, ‘Jaake mill le then’. People’s reactions are coming fiercely on this video of Rishabh Pant. Some are unable to control their laughter after watching this video, while some are condemning such behavior of the person with the cricketer.

Commenting on the video, a user wrote, ‘Those who are laughing are doing nothing in life and are happy by making fun of others’. So there another user has written, ‘Rishabh Bhai had fun’. So there another user writes, ‘Bhai Khel Gaya. At least mention Urvashi. Not only this, people are also commenting a lot on this video by making laughing emoji.

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