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Video: Cried, begged and folded hands… Sumbul’s bad condition after Salman Khan’s rebuke

Shaleen Bhanot and MC Stan are the hot topics of Bigg Boss season 16 at this time. In the last episode, they had such a fierce fight that both were eager to kill each other. But the one who discussed with both of them in this fight was Sumbul Tauqeer Khan. Yes, Sumbul took all the evil of this fight on his own head. The way she was seen stopping Shaleen and crying for him, her fans did not like it at all. Now in the episode of Friday’s War, Salman Khan also told Sumbul tightly. He even went on to say that Sumbul is obsessed with Shaleen. Let’s watch the latest promo video of Bigg Boss 16.

In the latest promo of Bigg Boss 16, Salman Khan asks Sumbul why and how did you get into this fight. On this, Sumbul says that she was just telling Shaleen and MC Stan not to abuse. Then Salman Khan asks Tina Dutta that what do you think is it just friendship or she is obsessed with Shaleen. Tina answers yes to this.

Family members also said – Sumbul’s crush is decent
Salman Khan also seeks opinion on this topic from other contestants including Sajid Khan and Nimrit Kaur. Nimrit says on this issue that yes I agree with you. Tried to explain a lot to her from the beginning but she doesn’t understand. At the same time, Sajid Khan also says that Sumbul has a decent crush.

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Crying Sumbul’s bad condition
Salman Khan gets very angry and asks Sumbul that what happened that you were not letting Tina talk for 5 minutes. Then crying Sumbul says that there is nothing like that. I only consider them friends. I want to go home. I swear Host Salman Khan gets angry after hearing such things from Imlie. He says no one has stopped you, you can go.



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