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VIDEO: Don’t eat haraam… Priyanka and Archana Gautam had a problem, the fire of the kitchen smoldering between close friends

In Bigg Boss season 16, sometimes for sugar, sometimes for gram flour and sometimes for tissue paper, there are so many big fights that contestants like Archana Gautam have to go out of the house even once. Now Archana Gautam has returned in some way but the ruckus has not stopped. Now the latest quarrel he has with his best friend Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary and that too over kitchen items. In this fight, Archana even went to the extent of saying that Priyanka is the food of Haram in Bigg Boss. In this fight, Ankit Gupta also comes in support of Priyanka and the fight becomes fierce after seeing it.

A fight starts between Archana Gautam and Priyanka (Priyanka chahar Choudhary) over cutting vegetables, making bread and cleaning the kitchen. In this fight, Archana Priyanka throws mud at each other. Ankit comes in between and informs Archana that it was Priyanka who supported her when she was trapped.

In no time, the fight between Priyanka (Bigg Boss 16) and Archana Gautam escalates so much that Soundarya Sharma has to intervene. Priyanka starts learning fast that Archana should not touch her. Now how will this matter settle down? Will be seen in the latest episode of 16 only.

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Sajid Khan becomes the new captain of the house
Let us tell you that in Monday’s episode, Sajid Khan has become the new captain of the house. This time Bigg Boss has also given some privileges to the new captain. Like the captain will get a chance to live like a king in the house. The two members of Raja will be the most special and they will also be safe from nomination. At the same time, two were elected as cooks and they also got these privileges. Sajid used this privilege to choose Shiva and Abdu as the king’s specials, Nimrit and MC Stan and Sumbul as cooks.



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