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Video: ‘Sasural Simar Ka’ actress Dipika Kakar is in bad condition, said- Cuddle left us

‘Sasural Simar Ka’ actress Dipika Kakar has suffered a mountain of sorrow and she is in a bad condition by crying. Deepika is saddened by the passing of Aziz Pet even with her life at this time and her tears are not stopping. While crying, Deepika narrated the whole story. Shoaib is also deeply saddened by the loss of his pet cuddle.

A video of Deepika and Shoaib is going viral on social media, in which both are looking very sad and disappointed. Deepika has told that her dog’s health was bad for the last one year. Dipika and Shoaib often shared their pictures and videos with cuddles.

Deepika is crying crying, ‘Cuddle is no more. He was not well for a long time. He had asthma and he also had cancer. His treatment was going on, but the treatment did not work completely. We took him to the best doctors in Mumbai. His condition got a little worse over the last two weeks, but he used to play around. He was in a lot of pain in the last two days. I took him to the doctor, where he was given nebulizer etc. He slept very peacefully with us last night.’

After this, her health deteriorated again the next day and she took him to the doctor. The doctor told him that now he cannot be cured.

After this Shoaib was seen talking about the pet hospital in Mumbai and he said that at this time I do not want to talk about that. Then Deepika said that she will tell the truth of that hospital that what happened to her in the pet zone should not happen to anyone.


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