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Villagers gathered to see the dance of the new bride, then the groom would be shocked to see what he did

Villagers gathered to see the dance of the new bride

New Delhi :

Videos of bride and groom keep going viral on social media. Users also enjoy the video a lot. There is an atmosphere of laughter and happiness in the wedding and friends and family are seen dancing. Although nowadays the bride and groom themselves are setting the dance floor on fire by dancing in their wedding. In this video going viral on social media, the bride and groom are seen doing tremendous dance. Both have made a splash with their dance. The women of the entire village have gathered to watch his dance.

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In the video going viral, it is seen that the new bride starts dancing in the courtyard of the house. The groom sat quietly on the chair, but after some time that bride also starts dancing. Later both of them surprised everyone with their superb performance. He stunned everyone with his dance moves. The chemistry between the two is amazing. Looks like this couple is madly in love with each other. In the video, both are seen dancing fiercely together. Social media users are very much liking the dance of both.

Saurabh Yadav Karhal has shared this video on YouTube. This video has got more than 6.2 million views so far.

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