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Was Rajiv Sen cheating on Charu Asopa? The actress made shocking revelations

Charu Asopa On Rajeev Sen: TV actress Charu Asopa married Rajiv Sen, brother of former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen in the year 2019. Tension continues between them since their marriage. Last month, their relationship reached a divorce. However, on Ganesh Chaturthi, he gave another chance to his marriage. Now once again there is tension between the two. Recently, Charu has again made serious allegations against Rajiv.

Charu accuses Rajiv of cheating
Charu Asopa has accused Rajiv Sen of cheating. He told that, Rajiv used to stay out of the house for the whole day in the name of gym and also used to switch off the cameras of the house in his absence. In a conversation with ‘Pinkvilla’, Charu said, “During the first few months of my pregnancy, I was in Bikaner and if I went anywhere, he would always switch off the cameras of the house behind my back. When I asked her the reason behind doing this, she said, ‘You want to spy on the house like Bigg Boss.’ It was one of the smallest things that I didn’t pay much attention to. In the name of gym, he spent the whole day outside the house.

Charu did not have Rajiv even in pregnancy
In the interview, Charu told that even in the 8th month of Charu Asopa’s pregnancy, Rajiv was not with her. The actress said, “When I was eight months pregnant, he never asked me how I was feeling. Instead, he used to brag to meet Tiger Shroff and Ranveer Singh at the gym. He never asked how was my day. When a woman is pregnant she has to go through thousands of things. I didn’t say anything thinking that he would be in a bad mood and he would leave the house again.”

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