Was Tina Dutta’s eviction due to the wretched pillow? There is a big deal in Bigg Boss 16 house

After two non-elimination weeks, Bigg Boss 16 has finally evicted a contestant. MC Stan, Sumbul Touqueer Khan, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Tina Dutta were the nominated contestants this week and unfortunately it is Tina Dutta who has been evicted from the Bigg Boss 16 house for getting the least number of votes. By the way, hearing Tina being nominated, her fans have created a storm on social media that this is completely wrong. But in the meantime, another thing has come to light that there is an ill-fated pillow in the house, due to which the contestants are getting nominated and for this reason Tina is also out of the house.

How did Tina Dutta become homeless?

The official Twitter handle of ‘The Khabri’ keeps sharing new updates on Salman Khan’s controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss 16’. ‘The Khabri’ has tweeted that Tina Dutta is out of the house. Many are expressing their disappointment with Tina’s eviction saying that she was a stronger contestant than Sumbul Touqeer or Nimrit. Although some people are feeling that Tina will be kept in the secret room. Meanwhile, there is a discussion in the house about an ill-fated pillow.

Tina became homeless due to wretched pillow

Even Big Boss has tweeted that there is a magic pillow in the house, which Sajid keeps near any contestant and he gets nominated from the house. This time he had kept that pillow with Tina and that is why she is being evicted from the house. A user also said that these people kept him with Ghori, Gautam and Manya as well as these pillows and they became homeless. Kept it with Priyanka as well but she was saved, although she had a fight with Ankit. One said Nimrit, Shiv, Stan and Sajid know about this pillow.

Sreejiti Dey returns to the house

Recently, Sreejita De, who was the first evicted contestant from Bigg Boss 16, made a strong comeback in the show as a wild card entrant. Many housemates were seen cheering for Sreejita except Tina Dutta, who said that Tina has a black heart. She even said that she will expose Tina and throw her out of the show.

This act of Shreejita

When Sreejita entered the house, she hugged Shaleen Bhanot tightly, then said, ‘Wait’ and then hugged him while looking into the camera. Her antics were noticed by everyone as Tina often looked at the camera while hugging Shaleen on the show. On the other hand, Tina was also seen crying bitterly in the bedroom.

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