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When Arshi Khan raised the respect of the family for publicity, parents took this action

Arshi Khan Controversy: Bigg Boss of Salman Khan is a controversial reality show. Many times it is seen in this show that the contestants go to any extent in the affair of serving entertainment. In the show, sometimes someone is seen being intimate, sometimes taking off clothes or doing some kind of obscene act. But to what extent is it okay to raise the name of your family for publicity?

Bigg Boss ex-contestant Arshi Khan did this. Regarding her family and grandfather, Arshi Khan had said such things in the show that her mother had to come to the media and give a statement against the daughter.

At that time Arshi’s mother had said that her daughter is defaming the family and nothing else. Now that Bigg Boss 16 is going to come soon, there is a lot of discussion about the old contestants too. Arshi Khan was seen as a contestant in Bigg Boss 11, while in the 14th season she reached as a challenger.

In one episode, Arshi even told her grandfather to be characterless. Actually Arshi had said that her grandfather i.e. Mohammad Suleman Khan had done 18 marriages and had 12 children. In the show, Arshi had also said that she is from Afghanistan. Hearing such things of Arshi, the mercury of her parents had become high. Arshi’s parents had saved the family’s honor by coming in front of the media.

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Arshi threw the name of the family for publicity

Arshi’s father had told the media that Arshi was only 4 years old when her father died. She also does not know much about her father, so how can Arshi know all this. Arshi’s father had also said that his father was a jailer in the Central Jail of Bhopal during the British rule. At the same time, he had also said that yes it is true that his father had two marriages. But neither did he have 18 marriages nor did he have 12 children. Arshi’s father had said that his daughter is doing all this for publicity.

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