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When Rashmi Desai had imprisoned herself in the house due to this disease, it was such a condition

Rashami Desai Disease: Rashmi Desai is counted among the popular TV actresses. She has worked hard to reach where Rashmi is today. Rashmi Desai got the most popularity by playing the role of Tapasya in Colors channel’s show Uttaran. During that time people started knowing him less by the name of Rashmi and more by the name of Tapasya.

Not only this, but after the entry in Bigg Boss 13, Rashmi Desai’s popularity got four moons. Rashmi remains in the headlines every day for her personal life and sometimes with her professional life. Of course, Rashmi Desai has earned a lot of name now, but in the initial phase, she has suffered a lot.

Rashmi Desai herself had told in an interview that how she used to make rounds of the production house and she could not get work. Rashmi had told that her alimony was only around 1800 and 2000. Out of her first earning, Rashmi bought a saree worth Rs 350 for her mother. Let us tell you that Rashmi has put on a lot of weight. Talking about this, Rashmi had said that she is battling a dangerous disease. Because of this Rashmi had also imprisoned herself in the house. During the interview, Rashmi had told that she had a disease called cirrhosis.

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Rashmi Desai found it difficult to leave the house

Because of this, the doctor even refused him to come out of the house. Let us tell you about cirrhosis that it is a skin related disease. This disease is caused by an overactive immune system. In this disease, the dead cells do not separate from the skin, but start collecting on its surface. Not only this, but it also causes red spots, itching, burning and stinging on the body. Rashmi said that she is an actress, so her face is everything for her. However, Rashmi had come under a lot of stress due to this disease. The actress told that it has improved a lot after the treatment.

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