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Who is madly in love with Shaleen Bhanot? Raita spread on Twitter regarding Tina Dutta and Sumbul

This week of Bigg Boss 16 was quite bang. There was a lot of debate between the contestants and a lot of fighting was also seen. There was even a fight between MC Stan and Shaleen Bhanot. Meanwhile, Twitter seemed to be torn in two over what transpired between Tina Dutta and Sumbul Touqueer Khan. Some users supported Sumbul while some supported Tina Dutta. The triangle of Shaleen Bhanot-Tina Dutta and Sumbul which was being seen in the show for the past several weeks has now reached a new twist. On last Saturday’s episode, even Salman Khan told Sumbul to be obsessed with Shaleen. On this issue, people started giving their feedback regarding Tina Dutta vs Sumbul Touqueer Khan. Let’s tell what people have to say.

Supporting Sumbul, a user wrote that it is not Sumbul but Tina Dutta who is madly in love with Shaleen and she is tarnishing his image. At the same time, another user wrote against Tina Dutta that she is doing all these pretense just to tarnish the image of Sumbul. She does not want that 19 year old girl is equaling her today.

Sumbul used as tissue paper
A person wrote on Twitter that Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot have used Sumbul. They have been used like tissue paper in the show. Like Tina, Sumbul also has feelings in his mind, but why is his image being tarnished.

Why did Shaleen not support Sumbul, will Tina learn a lesson
Hope #SumbulToqueerKhan is mentally strong now and will take care of her limits. She was used in this show by the very person for whom she stood up i.e. Shaleen Bhanot who left her in the end. If this is not fake and overacting then what is. Tina Dutta will soon learn her lesson too.

Tina Dutta is spoiling Shaleen’s name?

Tina Dutta is very smart

Tells Tina Dutta that she is madly in love with Shaleen

Sumbul’s fans supported him in this fight

Sumbul fans angry with Salman Khan

Tina Dutta told queen

Sumbul’s fans supported
Fans cursed Tina Dutta
In the episode of Shaniwar Ka Vaar, Shaleen Bhanot leaves all the resentment and becomes friends with Tina Dutta again. In the beginning, he was blaming Tina for the whole issue, then at the end of the show, he became close to Tina. Regarding this, the users fiercely criticized Shaleen and Tina.

Tina Dutta was told one of the top 5 contestants

Told Sumbul the bone in the kebab

If Tina Dutta didn’t cry, did she go wrong?
The way Sumbul cried in the fight between Shaleen and MC Stan raised a lot of questions. Because of this, Tina’s fans said that she is a strong player. Should she cry or else people would misunderstand her.



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