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Why did this TV actress get married in a hurry after 4 months of dating, revealed

TV Actress Mreenal Deshraj On Marriage: Age, religion and status do not matter when there is love. The same is true for TV actress Mrinal Deshraj. Actress Mrinal, who was cheated 5 times, found her love at the age of 43 and that too in a man 10 years younger. Some time back, the actress has married Ashim Mathan, who is associated with health care.

In a latest interview, Mrinal talked about the changes that came after marriage and how her in-laws were against her marriage.

Why did you get married in a hurry after 4 months of dating?

Mrunal Deshraj, who was seen in ‘Ishqbaaaz’, has revealed in a latest interview to ‘ETimes’ that, she wanted to get married instead of dating and that is why she proposed for marriage on her first date itself. The actress said, “Everything happened suddenly. We met and on the first date I told him that I wanted to get married and he agreed to it. We started dating and within four months we got married. I was looking for the right person and suddenly I got married.”

Fearing breakup, the family wanted Mrinal to get married

Mrinal Deshraj told that, when he told about the plans to get married with Ashim, his family members wanted to get it done as soon as possible. The actress said, “My family did not believe at first that I was going to get married. He had clearly told me that, if you both love each other, then there is no dating scene, just get married. They felt that, like my previous relationships, this time too I would be dating and breaking up. He was very clear that if you guys like each other then just get married. When I told this to Ashim, he agreed.”

In-laws were against marriage

The age gap sometimes creates a big wall between marriages. There was also a gap of 10 years between Mrinal and Ashim. In such a situation, Mrinal’s in-laws were against this marriage. The actress said about this, “I am 10 years older than my husband, so initially my in-laws, their family did not agree to our marriage. However, he later realized that we are both in love and perfect for each other. Initially there were problems from his side, but after marriage everything went well. They have accepted me officially.”

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