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Why was it risky for Anita Bhabhi to leave ‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain’? Soumya Tandon revealed

Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain: The famous comedy drama show ‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain’ is one of the most favorite shows of TV. From Tiwari ji to Vibhuti Narayan and Angoori Bhabhi to Anita Bhabhi, all the characters have carved a niche in the hearts of the audience. The character of Anita Bhabhi was first played by TV actress Saumya Tandon in the show. However, after a few years he left the show and was replaced by Neha Pendse. Now his character is being played by Vidisha.

Saumya Tandon was the first Anita sister-in-law, so all the viewers used to feel connected to her and she became quite popular. However, despite this, he left the show. Now Saumya Tandon has revealed what people used to say to her while leaving the show. The actress said in a conversation with ‘ETimes’, “When I decided to leave the show, everyone told me that it is going to be very risky, because what I am trying to achieve is not necessarily Get it. If I take the risk, the successful position I am in today will get out of hand. I thought it was risky not to take the risk. I have never been scared nor have I ever felt insecure.”

Saumya Tandon further added, “It is better to take the risk of trying new things than playing a tried and casual game. It is difficult to keep repeating the same character if you are ambitious and desperate for a good cause. There was a time, when I realized that, I have done everything that I could in that show. I thought that, if I keep doing it, I will do it for money and fame. However, this is not true for an artist. I want to explore myself.”

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