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‘You walk around with vermilion in your pocket?’ Vicky Kaushal gave this answer on Kapil Sharma’s question

‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ (The Kapil Sharma ShowThis week, actor Vicky Kaushal arrived for the promotion of his film ‘Sardar Udham’. Also the director of the film was Shoojit Sarkar. Kapil Sharma slammed Vicky Kaushal a lot in the show. Kabhi Katrina Kaif (Katrina Kaif) and sometimes in the name of fans’ comments. Kapil did not spare even Shoojit Sircar.

Meanwhile, Kapil Sharma asked Vicky Kaushal about marriage material and Sindar in such a way that he burst into laughter. When Kapil Sharma tells Vicky Kaushal that when he used to do mischief in childhood and his mother used to tell his father that he has become a big devil, put 2, then the father did not say that he will charge for this work? In response to this, Vicky Kaushal says that he was very simple in childhood and did not do mischief.

Then Kapil says that once Taapse Pannu also came in his show and he also called Vicky Kaushal very sweet. Kapil says, ‘This thing has to be accepted. One day Taapsee also came. She was also saying that Vicky is very nice and sweet. One day Kiara was also speaking. Taapsee even said that Vicky is marriage material. I had to ask why are you marriage material? Do you carry vermilion in your pocket?

Hearing this, Vicky Kaushal starts laughing out loud and indicates to apply vermilion with his hand that yes he keeps on applying vermilion to everyone.

Let us tell you that Vicky Kaushal has an affair with Katrina Kaif these days. Both have been spotted together many times. However, none of Vicky and Katrina ever said anything openly. On the other hand, talk about Vicky Kaushal’s film ‘Sardar Udham’, then it will be released on Amazon Prime Video on 16 October.


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