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1 lakh Russian soldiers have been killed in Ukraine, claims US general… So why is Putin backing down?

Washington/Moscow : The world has been witnessing heavy devastation for nine months in a row between Russia and Ukraine. A US general claims that more than a million Russian soldiers have been killed so far. Several reports have claimed that Russia is facing several challenges in Ukraine, one of which is the lack of troops. Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered a partial deployment of 300,000 reserve troops. A few days ago, Putin has signed a new law under which Russia’s notorious criminals can now be recruited into the army.

Top US General Mark Milley said on Wednesday that more than 100,000 Russian soldiers had been killed or wounded in Ukraine. The number of casualties in Kyiv’s army is also around this. “You’re seeing more than 100,000 Russian soldiers killed or wounded,” Milley told the Economic Club in New York. The same is probably true for the Ukrainian side as well. The figures provided by Milley, which cannot be confirmed, are the most accurate so far by the US government in the fight.

Most embarrassing moment for Putin in Ukraine war, Russia heading towards defeat? The commander said – it is very difficult to survive!
Have a conversation window open?
Milley said a military victory was not possible for either Russia or Ukraine in the war. He said there is an opportunity for talks to end the fight. He said that there should be a mutual agreement that military victory cannot be achieved by military means. So you need to turn to other means. There is a chance, a window of opportunity is open for dialogue.

Is that why Putin is backing down?
Mille has estimated the casualties of 100,000 Russian soldiers at a time when Russia has decided to withdraw its troops from Kherson. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has announced the withdrawal of troops. He said the decision was taken following the advice of General Sergei Surovikin, the commander of the Russian army in Ukraine. In September, Putin announced the merger of Kherson with Russia after a referendum. That is why the withdrawal of troops is the biggest setback for the Russian President so far.



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