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21 passengers killed as bus falls into canal in Egypt, accident caused by steering wheel failure

Cairo: A major bus accident has been seen in Egypt. Here a bus full of passengers fell into the canal, due to which at least 21 people died. The rest of the people on the bus were injured. About 35 people were traveling in this bus. The country’s health ministry has confirmed the deaths. The government statement said that the accident happened in the Nile delta region of Egypt. Sharif Makin, a health ministry official, said children were among the dead. Pictures of the bus accident have come, in which it is seen that the color of the bus is red.

The ministry has said that the accident took place in Dakhaliya province, about 100 km north-east of the country’s capital Cairo. A large number of police officers and medical staff reached the spot after the incident. The injured were immediately admitted to the nearest hospital. The bus has been pulled out of the water using a crane. According to the Egyptian media outlet, the accident was caused by a faulty steering wheel.
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7 thousand people died in 2021
Road accidents are common in Egypt. This is because the roads here are very bad and there is a lot of violation of rules. According to official figures, in 2021, about 7 thousand people died in road accidents in Egypt. In July, a bus collided with a truck parked on the side of the road in Egypt. In this accident 25 people died and about 35 people were injured.



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