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23 tons of debris of Chinese rocket fell on earth from space, big danger averted

Rocket Booster Falls In The Pacific: The wreckage of a 23-ton Chinese rocket has fallen in the Pacific Ocean. This information was given by the United States Space Command through a tweet. There was high alert in many countries before the debris fell. If this disaster had hit any city on the earth, then a big accident could have happened. At the same time, a while ago, the US Space Command said that the threat coming from space has been averted and the 23-ton booster has sunk in the Pacific Ocean.

China became a villain in space too

The villain of expansionism on earth has now become a villain in space as well. China’s unbridled campaign in space had once again created a big problem. A Chinese rocket was coming towards the earth and the shocking thing is that China had no control over this rocket. In fact, a major part of the rocket CZ5B, which was launched on October 31 from China’s Tiangong Space Station, broke down. The rocket was expected to crash into the atmosphere and burn, but some fragments could have fallen to the ground.

Weight 23 Ton and Height 59 Feet

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It was told that this rocket is the core booster of Long March 5B. Its weight is 23 tons and height is 59 feet. If this rocket had fallen on a city, then there could have been a big loss. Experts believed that the fragments of this rocket could have fallen in parts of India, America, China, Southeast Asia, Australia and Africa. Spain had closed its airports as a precaution.

Now in the meantime news came that the debris of the Chinese rocket has fallen in the Pacific Ocean. The US Space Command confirmed this by tweeting. It also said that the exact where the debris has fallen in the Pacific Ocean, its information will also be shared soon.

‘China has always followed international law’

However, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian on Friday dismissed the notion that China’s handling of the Long March 5B rockets represented anything unusual. “I would like to emphasize that China has always carried out activities in the peaceful uses of outer space in accordance with international law and international practice – the re-entry of the final stage of a rocket is an international exercise,” he said. Let us tell you that in July of 2022, a Chinese rocket had come back to Earth after being launched. Then the debris of this rocket of Dragon had fallen in Malaysia and its surrounding countries.

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