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5 cities of China are under India’s control, India is creating dangerous rocket force – India TV Hindi

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5 cities of China under India’s control

India China: India is keeping a close eye on the increasing activities of China and Pakistan in the Indian Ocean. Meanwhile, India has made full preparations to show China its ‘status’. Indian Army is going to test Submarine Launched Cruise Missile i.e. SLCM with a range of 500 km. India is increasing its strength not only in air and land but also in sea to defeat the plans of China and Pakistan. Under this, the Indian Army is preparing its rocket force like the PLARF of the China People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and SLCM missile is also a part of it.

The Indian Navy had announced on February 16 that it would soon test-fire a submarine-launched cruise missile with a 500 km range. Its trial was done in February last year. Then it had achieved a range of 402 km. These missiles will be deployed on submarines under Project 75I.

Five cities of China are under missile attack

According to the Eurasian Times report, the SLCM’s 500 km range missile is to be tested and it had achieved a range of 402 km in the first test. However, the Indian Army plans to increase its range to 800 km. In this way this missile will be able to attack five cities of China. These include Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Fuzhou and Xiomen.

China has this rocket force

The Chinese military has the PLA Rocket Force, which controls Beijing’s arsenal of land ballistic missiles. PLARF has 40 brigades. On the other hand, India is also building a similar rocket force. The plan to create a rocket force was given by former Chief of Defense Staff General Bipin Rawat. Country’s companies Larsen & Turbo, Godrej, Sameer and Defense Research and Development Organization have partnered for this.

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