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5 superpowers armed with atomic bombs are on the verge of war, the consequences will be catastrophic… Russia warns

Moscow: In the midst of the Ukraine war, Russia’s presidential office, the Kremlin, has said that avoiding nuclear war between the world’s nuclear powers is its first priority. The Kremlin alleged that Western countries were trying to provoke with the help of weapons of mass destruction. Russia’s Foreign Ministry has even said that the world’s 5 declared nuclear superpowers are on the verge of direct armed conflict. He said that Western countries should stop promoting weapons of mass destruction, the consequences of which can be very dire.

At the same time, Western countries have said that Russia has been continuously threatening nuclear attacks since the Ukraine attack. Not only this, Russia has recently claimed that Ukraine is planning to use radioactive dirty bombs but did not give evidence of this. Ukraine has also denied Russia’s allegation. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the current complex situation has arisen due to the steps taken to undermine our national security. Our first attempt is to avoid military conflict between nuclear-armed powers.

Russia discussed use of nuclear weapons: US
Russia also said it still stood by the joint declaration issued in January with the nuclear-armed US, China, Britain and France that called for a joint responsibility to prevent nuclear war. Russia has repeatedly said in the past that it would consider using any weapon if its territorial sovereignty is threatened. Putin had said that he was not bluffing in this regard. He said that at the end of World War II, the US had set an ‘example’ by dropping an atomic bomb in Japan.

After Putin’s statement, Ramzan Kadyrov, a close aide of the Russian President and the leader of Chechnya, said that Russia should use a “low-capacity nuclear weapon” in Ukraine. Meanwhile, several US officials have claimed that senior Russian military officials have discussed when and how they will use strategic nuclear weapons in Ukraine. The Daily Mail reported that officials talked about the scenario in which they would use nuclear weapons, showing how frustrated Russia is over the failures on the battlefield in Ukraine.

‘The world is not on the verge of nuclear destruction’
The Daily Mail reported that he did not speak with Russian President Vladimir Putin about the use of weapons – but the talks have raised concerns about the prospect of a nuclear Armageddon. The New York Times reported – US government officials became aware of the discussion in mid-October, as Moscow’s rhetoric on nuclear intensified. This comes after Putin joked about the possibility of a nuclear war last week. The Kremlin leader was asked to reassure spectators at the Valdai Discussion Club think-tank that the world was not on the verge of nuclear annihilation—and decided to respond with a long pause.



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