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5G, current or pollution… the ruckus over the death of hundreds of birds suddenly fell from the sky, the video went viral

New Mexico: A video of hundreds of birds suddenly falling to the ground in the North American country of Mexico (Yellow Headed Blackbird Video) is becoming increasingly viral. In this video, hundreds of birds are also seen dead due to the fast hitting the ground (Flock Of Birds Drops Dead In Mexico). The incident is being reported from the northern Mexican city of Cuautémoc. After the video of this incident went viral, people started making various claims (Flock Of Birds Drops Dead Reason). Many people have blamed pollution, 5G technology and bare electrical wires for the incident.

Bird experts have different opinions
At the same time, many bird experts have claimed that this incident happened due to a sudden attack of a predatory bird on the flock. These yellow-headed birds collided with the ground at high speed in order to escape from the hunter. Due to this hundreds of birds died on the spot. There were also a large number of birds which were unable to fly due to injuries.

The flock fell on the ground due to the attack of a bird of prey
Dr Richard Broughton, ecologist at the UK Center for Ecology and Hydrology, said it appeared that a peregrine or a flock of hawks was chasing these birds. In such a situation, thousands of these birds came down fast to escape from the predators, but due to the crowd, they may not see the ground very well. Due to this a large number of birds hit the ground. Their speed must have been so high that hundreds of birds died on the spot.

Entire incident recorded in CCTV
The incident was recorded in the CCTV camera installed in the nearby house. The footage shows hundreds of birds falling from the sky under mysterious circumstances. After some time most of them flew away, while carcasses of some birds could be seen scattered on the roads. Soon after, there was speculation that 5G technology was behind the incident. Local media reported that veterinarians blamed rising levels of pollution. Some even speculated that the birds had suffered an electric shock.


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